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A Salute to Agriculture and Our Agricultural Heritage Series

As part of our a mission to promote and celebrate all aspects of Omaha and Midwest Living, salutes our Agricultural Heritage with a series on various aspects of modern agriculture. Whether you are an Omaha native, have adopted Omaha as your home, or are just visiting Omaha, you will come to appreciate the values, the ethic, the pioneer spirit of those who came before us that shape the people of Omaha and surrounding areas. Agriculture has a strong influence on Omaha and is reflected in the virtues of midwest living, respect for life and property, a strong work ethic, an appreciation for healthy living and good food, and the quest for a good life. This page examines various aspects of agriculture and its ties with the people and the city of Omaha and surrounding areas here in the Midwest.

Apples - Le Pommes - Manzanna

apple varieties

Eastern Nebraska Apple Orchards

Apple Festivials

Apple Facts & Lore

Apple Peeling and Preparation


New York State Apple Guide
Washington State Best Apples

Created: April 2, 2008
Modified: February 25, 2008
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